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The Archive

Way of the Chef is well on the way to creating the UK’s only dedicated kitchen directory for stages which will be fronted by an archive of our top 100 UK restaurants for a stagiaire.

This industry-first archive, which has been carefully curated to contain the kitchens with the highest potential for learning, will offer all the essential and critical information needed to help chefs choose and secure stages, while there will also be a skills and technique section for specific eduction.

Our curator will also be on hand to assist with CV and cover letters as well as general guidance.

The Agency

Along with the unique stage archive, Way of the Chef is to become an agency for international stagiaires and trainee chefs. Staging is a new concept for some and certainly not straightforward, and we will be using our vast and unique knowledge on the subject to help individual chefs find and get the most out of their stages. This will include travel arrangements, consecutive stage options and transport. We do the work, you do the stage.

We have already started to partner up with a number of top UK restaurants who would gladly have stagiaires in their kitchen and, with thanks to the hundreds of chefs all over the world who have requested such an agency, we will soon be launching a service that will bring chefs and kitchens together for training and education like never before.

The Army

Way of the Chef will also be unleashing “The Stage Army” - the first stagiaire network for both kitchens and chefs.

Budding stagiaires will be able to create their own profile on Way of the Chef, upload professional information (with help from our team of experts) to be browsed by kitchens looking for chefs for upcoming stage placements.

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