Staging at Club Gascon - One Michelin Star


Chef Patron:
Pascal Aussignac

Cuisine: French
Twitter: @club_gascon - @lechefpaski
Instagram: @clubgascon - @lechefpaski
Address: 57 W Smithfield, London EC1A 9DS
Phone: 020 7600 6144

After being caught on pastry with a rather naughty Roquefort cheesecake, I got my chance to try a small slice of simply seared and seasoned foie gras.
— The Stagiaire

What we learned staging at Club Gascon

  1. All about duck foie gras - the origins of gavage (force feeding) and the history of the ingredient

  2. How to prep foie gras

  3. How to cook with tulips

  4. Delicate plating in Pascal Aussignac’s style

  5. All about classic Gascon cuisine - duck, Armanyac, confit techniques, etc.