Other Stages


Aubrey Allen Butchers

Ever wondered where all the meat comes from? Our stagiaire donned butchers gear and joined the throng at Aubrey Allen, suppliers to some of the best restaurants in the UK.

Bar Termini

While used to joining kitchen brigades for stages, our man donned a white shirt and tie this time to be part of the team at Bar Termini, named the 6th best bar in the world 2018.


Way of the Chef stages with Hayden Groves, executive chef of the UK’s leading chef catering company, BaxterStorey, in one of London’s leading banks.

Maitre Choux

Joakim Prat is one of the best pastry chefs in the world. We staged for a day with him at his South Kensington outpost to learn all about his passion, choux pastry,