Staging is simply essential for chefs.
— Ashley Palmer-Watts, Dinner by Heston - Two Michelin Stars, 45th Best Restaurant in the World 2018

Welcome to Way of the Chef - Our goal is to provide unique insight into the dynamic and varied world of the stagiaire and to help chefs to discover their ideal stage. 

A stage is a cooking internship and one of the oldest forms of education in the industry. Staging in a restaurant allows chefs to learn new techniques, discover new cuisines and ingredients, to soak up the atmosphere of a new kitchen and to gain invaluable experience working under a new chef.

With an ever-growing number of stage articles to pore over for inspiration - including three Michelin starred restaurants and even some on the World’s 50 Best list - interviews with top chefs and in-depth stage guides soon to be released; Way of the Chef is the ultimate stage destination for chefs.

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