About Way of the Chef


A stagiaire is a trainee chef and a stage is a period spent in a kitchen (either at home or abroad) learning skills, cooking techniques and experiencing a new and exciting atmosphere.

Being a stagiaire is about exploring different cuisines, different management styles and brigades, and fundamentally working out what kind of a chef you are. 

Can you imagine taking a break from your usual chef duties and working for a week under Michel Roux Jr. at Le Gavroche? Or perhaps at Dinner by Heston under Ashley Palmer-Watts? Or even classic British hotel dining under John Williams at The Ritz?

But how do you know which stage to take? What kind of restaurant would work best for you as a chef? Which cuisine? And where?

At Way of the Chef, we endeavour to stage in as many restaurants as possible across the UK to provide inspiration for chefs worldwide.

One, two and three star kitchens, little restaurants you’ve only heard of in passing, countryside restaurants or London institutions, even bars, butchers, frigates and airports. Our goal is to cover the lot.  

The way of the chef full of exciting opportunities…

About the Stagiaire

Way of the Chef was founded by food and chef journalist, Tom Gatehouse. Tom is an industry expert on staging in kitchens and is closing in on 50 stages in kitchens across the UK and Europe.

You might know him as “The Secret Stagiaire” through his column in Restaurant Magazine.

Tom has written for a number of publications and organisations on the subject of staging in kitchens including the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Award and The Commis Newspaper.

He was also a preliminary judge for the World’s 50 Best BBVA Scholarship 2018.

An eternal stagiaire, Tom started Way of the Chef in order to showcase the benefits of staging in restaurants and to enflame the desires of chefs interested in experiencing something new.

With detailed stage articles, interviews and features, and with a dedicated stage directory and bespoke stagiaire guides soon to be released; Way of the Chef is the ultimate stagiaire destination for chefs.